Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wi-fi Disconnection Issues with Samsung Galaxy Y

This post is in particular reply to a comment left by a reader asking me about the connection and disconnection issues that he/she has been encountering with his/her 5 days old Galaxy Y. I must apologize to you for inadvertently deleting your comment when my purpose was to publish it right in my own Galaxy Y. The diminuitive screen of the Galaxy Y is to blame for the mistake. I was tapping "publish" but then to my horror "delete" was the one which reacted to the tap. This is one of the minor gripes that I have with the Samsung Galaxy Y, the screen is real small for serious typing especially on emailing, text messaging and then this one, tapping on buttons on web browsers. If you are contemplating of using the Samsung Galaxy Y for accessing your online banking and stock market accounts, do think twice.. you don't want to hit wrong buttons when buying or selling stocks and transferring funds somewhere.

Anyhow, I decided to make my reply as a post because it will be too long for a reply in the comments box. Me myself has experienced the endless connecting and disconneting behavior of my Samsung Galaxy Y and Galaxy Tablet but ONLY when I am trying to connect in an OPEN Wi-Fi network in the neighborhood of our village or in business center areas. Even if the signal strength is FULL, the Galaxy will do an endless connecting and disconnecting message on the Wi-Fi settings. Why is this? because some Internet Access Points even though set to "OPEN" or "No Security" while broadcasting in the vicinity have still other security set inside it that prevents would-be GUESTS from connecting freely onto the AP or Wi-Fi Router.

Said Wi-Fi access points and routers have enabled "MAC Address Filtering". This filtering thing is set in such a way that ONLY authorized devices with corresponding MAC addresses, listed in the router or AP, are allowed access to the router or access point. No matter how many times you try to connect, the Galaxy will do only one thing...connect and disconnect in a looping manner.

If your case is not the same with my experience, say, you own the router and access point and you've been connecting to it since day one and then all of a sudden you wake up one morning and your Galaxy Y displays the connecting/disconnecting behavior, bring it to the service center because there might be some defect on your unit. I hope this helped. Cheers!

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