Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Spotted

Gone are the days of hiding the humongous tablets inside bags in public places. During the early days of the first Samsung Galaxy Tabs, people including me, were not so keen on dishing out our tablets without being conscious whether people would criticize us for showing up a gadget that looks neither a smarphone nor a computer, and using it as a camera at that!. On many cases, we choose to let our tablet hide inside our bags for fear of being criticized for using a camera with such a large viewfinder. I know the looks from the faces of people because I used to be one of them during the time that I still don't have a Galaxy Tab. Another reason for not showing up tablets in public places is for fear of marked by bad elements who knows that we are holding a gadget that is valuable  and expensive.

While visiting a popular tourist spot in Baguio City,  north of Manila, I noticed some tourists using tablets as their primary camera in taking their souvenir pictures. At first I thought they were iPads because of the slender profile and big screens plus the fancy casings. Upon curious and closer inspection however, I found out that those were Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablets. I was a bit surprised by the 10.1's striking resemblance to the iPad on a quick glance and if you are someone who does not know how to recognize different tablets from each other, you would easily be fooled thinking that it's an iPad.

I find it nice to see people actually having some use of their Galaxy gadgets aside from surfing the internet and updating social networking accounts like FB and others.

The popularity of the Samsung Galaxy tablets seems to continue unabated. People have found the 8 megapixel camera of the Galaxy 10.1 worthy of replacing their usual point and shoot digital cameras. Previously, I can't imagine how people will dish out the Samsung Galaxy tab 7" in public places to take pictures without attracting too much attention because it's too big for neither a phone nor a camera. Nowadays  however, I have witnessed people with the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 dishing out those big screens and using it in public as if they are just ordinary camera phones.

People have criticized the "humongous" seven-inch tablets before but now seeing bigger 10" tablets don't matter anymore. I also have seen some lovely ladies sporting the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and its such a beauty to behold. Something in the Galaxy Tabs' looks seem to make it a cool plus factor that put it in equal footing in terms of popularity with Apple's iPad.

The next time I bring my Galaxy Tab out, I will not be shy in showing it to people. Yes even as a camera :).


  1. Iyo kabayan. Almost always naiinot pa an mga pinoy makakua ki mga latest na gadgets courtesy ng mga friends and relatives sa first world countries :) thanks for dropping by!