Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to Sync Samsung Galaxy Y with PC

For the newbie Samsung Galaxy users, Kies is the synchronization software developed by Samsung for its line of Android smart phones and tablets. Its’ use include transferring contacts and files from the smart phone to the PC and vice versa. It comes in a form of a mini-DVD disc stuffed inside the box of the Samsung Galaxy package. Almost always I have noticed that people tend to ignore such discs and remain inside the box unopened and kept, and worse thrown away with the box by some people who don’t value the package, and sees the box as a mere scrap after taking the gadget and the charger.

Constant software updates by Samsung had made the Kies user friendly and faster nowadays compared to the previous versions which I hated to use and dumped altogether by using third party synchronization software found in the Android market. The latest Kies version found in the Galaxy Y made me return to using Kies because the interface is simpler, faster and easier to manipulate. It’s so simple really that you will find it a joy transferring your photos taken by the Galaxy Y to the desktop or laptop.

Installation is very easy and straight forward so you can use it immediately without stumbling upon unforeseen hiccups that could ruin your first try into synchronization. After installation of Kies, all you have to do is connect your Galaxy Y into the USB port of your desktop or laptop, using the cable that came with the Galaxy package. The connection will take a few seconds to a few minutes and after the successful hook-up, you should see two versions of contacts, music, photos and videos on the left column of your Kies interface. The upper portion is for the Samsung Galaxy Y and the lower portion is for the library of your desktop or laptop PC. Clicking on the icons under the Galaxy tab shows the corresponding files on your smartphone and clicking on the icons under the Library shows the files on your PC or desktop.

The screenshots below shows the contents of each tab of the Samsung Kies for you to familiarize with:

The upper left column shows the contents of the Galaxy Y while the lower part shows the  contents of the PC

This tab shows the properties of the Galaxy Y and includes the option to update  its firmware.

This is where you sync your contacts and files from the phone to the PC.

This tab is where you import or export your files to and from both devices.

This tab is where you back-up the file of your Galaxy Y.

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