Saturday, November 5, 2011

How to Reset Facebook Account in Samsung Galaxy Y

Most of us nowadays have several facebook accounts that we use separately for personal and for business or online marketing purposes. When we set-up our Facebook accounts in our Android Smartphone for the very first time, the account that we use will become the default account in the device and there is no way that we can log out of it and input our other accounts. Unlike in desktop computers and laptops, we can easily log-out and log-in to our other Facebook accounts.

In fact there are cases when some people ask their friends to teach them how to setup their Facebook accounts in their brand new Android gadget and in the process, the friend uses his/her facebook account to "test" the thing out and after setup and configuration, the friends' facebook account becomes the default account and there is no way that it can be logged-out and the fastest and first thing that people do is to reset the device in its factory default settings. This could be very easy if the the device is brand new and no data will be affected. Moreso, resetting the device before it can even be used does not sound good to any gadget owner.

There is a way to reset or change Facebook account in Samsung Galaxy Y without having to reset the device into default factory setting and this is what I will discuss in this post.

1. Tap on "Settings".

2. Tap "Applications".

3. Tap "Manage Applications".

4. Choose "Facebook" from the list.

5. A warning about deletion of application's data will be shown on the screen and tap "Ok".

6. After deletion of Facebook's data, notice that the Data and Cache fields are now 0.00B

7. Exit the Settings and open the Facebook application. You should see that you are prompted for username and password. You can now login and use your preferred Facebook account.


  1. Thx, took me about one hour searching how to reset Facebook on my HTC One x, and finaly found solution on your blog.