Monday, November 7, 2011

Get an Archos 101 Android Tablet for 36% Off

I hope I am not too late with this post. Just stumbled upon www.cashcashpinoy's website and chanced upon this great discount for an Archos 101 Android Internet tablet. I haven't heard much about this tablet from Archos but since it is an android device, I might as well spread the word about this. Too bad I already have several Android tablets but if Archos would send me a demo device I would make a review of it for our Android followers ;).

Cashcash pinoys' deals though has a limited timeline for each item that they are selling at a huge discount and as of this writing, the remaining time left for this is barely six hours and counting. Since time is of the essence for those who might be interested in this Android Tablet just check it out from Cashcash pinoys' website . Please be informed though that the link I have provided contains a sign up referral page wherein I could get a little "reward" for those who signs up at cashcashpinoy using said link. So if you are  the type who abhors or get annoyed by this referral invitations, just ignore the link and don't sign up. For those who would sign-up, my thanks.

Do check out Archos 101's spec here for your reference.

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