Monday, November 14, 2011

Browse the Internet in Your Desktop using Samsung Galaxy Y

The Samsung Galaxy Y is capable of allowing you to browse the Internet by letting you share its 3G Internet connection via USB. This is technically called "Tethering". While you can share the Galaxy Y's 3G internet connection via Wi-Fi through its Access Piont (AP) capability, you can also do it via USB. This is very useful if your desktop computer has no Wi-Fi adapter.

With Windows 7, everything is automatic and you do not need any driver to make it work. For Windows XP however, you will need a driver to make it work. Visit Android.Com's site here to download the driver/utility.

To implement tethering, connect the USB cable that came with the Samsung Galaxy Y to an available USB port in your desktop PC and do the following in your Samsung Galaxy Y:

1. Tap on Wireless Networks.

2. Tap Tethering and Portable Hotspots.

3.  Tap on USB tethering.

4. That's it. Fire up your browser  in your desktop PC and browse the Internet.

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  1. hi, i did all the instructions given above and i was able to configure my galaxy y, however, though it is connected to the net already, i cannot browse, but there is connection.