Sunday, December 4, 2011

Android App Review: Evernote

If there is one free app from the Android Market that is so useful and offers so many functionalities that cannot be found in others, the Evernote is one that I will vote for and highly recommend to my friends and peers.

Evernote is a great app for journal, note taking, capturing websites and photos. One thing that sets it apart from the others is its ability to synchronize across various devices that you own which include laptop and desktop PCs.

All the notes that you have jotted down in your Android Smartphone is automatically synced across all your devices with Evernote installed as soon as they are online. This is a great feature because regardless of what device you have at hand as long as it is online and Evernote is installed in it, you can rest assured that your notes, journals, captured web pages and photos with notes are accessible to you. This also works vice versa, from PC and Mac to the smartphone.

I have used this app in my project management work in the consultancy firm where I have been previously employed. Armed with my Samsung Galaxy Tab I can easily jot down the daily progress of our construction works. Together with Evernote’s integration with the camera of my Android tablet I am able to seamlessly take photos of the progress, put caption in it and transfer it into the weekly and monthly reports required of me by our client.

Evernote is also indispensable when it comes to making impromptu researches on the Internet to solve tasks that needs action while on the job. It has a cunning way of capturing and saving screenshots and links of websites visited and then reviewed in my office or home computer to finalize things.

I also use Evernote in my blogging activities. It is a great tool for capturing ideas while on the move hence I can make sure that whatever comes to my mind is easily retained complete with photos of things that I saw as inspiration. Countless drafts of my blog article ideas have been put on Evernote first before those were published.

Perhaps one of Evernote’s strongest point is its ability to let you create different notebooks for your various activities at work and at home. You can create as many notebooks as you want so you do not end up mixing your journals and get lost in the run up to accomplish things. This works great for prioritizing matters and tasks at hand.

I cannot think of any negative aspect with the Evernote so praises for the developers is in order for giving out this great app for free. While the free version’s powerful features and capabilities are generously given to us, I am very sure that the paid version has much more to offer.

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