Monday, December 26, 2011

The Complete Guide to Android Magazine

Got lucky to receive $10 of "Zinio bucks" from my favorite magazine store on Christmas day and I left no time browsing for magazines to buy using said bucks. While perusing the many titles available on the website, I stumbled upon two great Android magazines and bought it immediately. The total cost of the two mags is $14.75 so I added $1.88 for the purchase. Not bad for me considering the magazines are great reference for my blog and my passion to learn everything about Android.

The first magazine is "The Complete Guide for Android", packed with 160 pages of highly informative articles about Android, its history to current versions and many tips and tricks for maximizing the use of the Android OS.

The second one is the "Ultimate Guide to Android Tablets", presented in 110 pages of reviews of latest tablets, apps, tips and hidden secrets.

One thing that I found very informative with the magazines are the compilation of reviews of the current Android tablets and smartphones but I  found the tips and tricks not so comprehensive and covered only a few basic and advanced topics. Nevertheless, I hope that the publisher will feature more in the forthcoming issues.
These are digital magazines by the way and it can be accessed and read on Zinio Reader app for Android and Windows PCs.

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