Monday, December 19, 2011

Android App Review: Brain Challenge 3

I found this app from the Android Market while looking for some games to get myself entertained while on a long travel to our home province. I downloaded first the free version and checked out how the game play goes and I found it quite interesting.

The game consist of several aspects of brain function namely; logic, memory, focus,visual and math. Each function have several games designed to train and improve our brain's capacity and usage. Starting at zero, the objective is to pass all the challenges and as you hurdle each one of it, you gain a score in terms of percentage of your brains' capability. For example, upon passing the initial stage, depending on how well you performed on the challenge, you earn some thing like 10% or greater.

The initial stage of the games looks quite easy but there are some that are challenging which make it quite hard for you to achieve a perfect score. I particularly find the "encase" game under the visual  section challenging and entertaining. In this game, a polygon made up of thick black line shrinks and expands from slow to fast together with a thin blue line and your objective is to click when the blue line is inside the thick black line. I tell you it's very hard to catch the blue line inside the thick black line.

As you progress in the game, there is a stat section where you can see and evaluate your weakness and strength. With this game I was able to confirm one of my biggest weakness which is lack of focus and my strength which is logic. The in-game coach will tell you what aspect you need to improve and you can work and train on it by selecting the particular aspect from the main menu.

The free version lets you play for a very limited time so you may be compelled to buy the full version which cost around a dollar. It is available at the Samsung Apps portal. There are other games with the same name in the Android Market so if you do a search, type brain challenge 3: think again.

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