Friday, December 23, 2011

Use your Samsung Galaxy Y as Access Point - The Video

As promised to our readers who are requesting for more information on the behavior of Samsung Galaxy Y when used as Internet Access Point, As I have mentioned in my replies to the comments. The Galaxy Y takes some time to load web pages upon successful connection of the laptop to the Access Point. I timed the loading time and it took about 3 minutes.

The video shows the activation of the packet data and the the portable wi-fi hotspot feature up to the connection of the laptop to the Galaxy Y. Notice that the loading of the web page is not instantaneous and you have to refresh the browser a few times before the page that you are visiting is loaded. The video also shows the peculiar behavior of the laptop's system tray showing the Wi-Fi indicator with no Internet Access but in fact it already has Internet access as shown by the loaded website. After a few more minutes, the no Internet sign is gone and the Wi-Fi indicator shows a clean white icon without the yellow triangle with an exclamation point inside.

The Access Point feature of the Samsung Galaxy Y behaves differently from regular Wi-Fi routers or access points wherein connection to the Internet is almost instantaneous the moment you connect to it. You just need to be a little patient.


  1. Thank you so much Lito. You are very helpful and very patient. I am now enjoying my Galaxy Y's Hotspot feature with the help of you expertise. Keep it up!!

  2. Your are very welcome and thanks for the compliment Luis. Cheers! :)

  3. ` hello , i have bought my SAMSUNG GALAXY Y (brand new) but in unknown buyer . i have a laptop and have a wi-fi, then i will connect my galaxy y . It will says add a google account, then i will sign-in my google account, but when i sign-in . It will appear . . . ( your phone needs to communicate with google servers to set up your account . this may take 5 minutes . but it will reply (your phone may not be provisioned for data services. or call costumer care ..

    ` i use a smart Prepaid .

    ` question ?
    ` what will i do ?
    ` what/who is my costumer care ?

  4. hello lito,

    i'm facing problem with my galaxy y. i'm using vodafone
    in access points names there was check on vodafone connect, & i was easily able to use internet via use packet data, but mistakenly in access points i clicked on Airtel Internet, now i'm not able to go back to vodafone connect & because of internet stop working on my galaxy y.

    please see if you can help me out from this problem, will b really thankful to you...

    waiting prompt response...