Saturday, July 16, 2011

Zinio Reader for Android

Here's an Android App worth trying out from the Android Market. Zinio Reader, it enables you to read popular magazines, books and newspapers from your Android device. I installed it into my Samsung Galaxy Tab P-1000 and I found it cool and useful.
It came pre-installed into the Samsung Galaxy tab and upon the first opening of the application you will be given the chance to receive 12 free issues of magazines and newspapers. I downloaded the free newspapers and magazines and I was so amazed by the clarity and crisp appearance of the covers and pages.

Because I'm located in the Philippines, I downloaded the popular newspaper Philippine Daily Inquirer. For six days I was able to receive daily issues of the said newspaper and boy I was so delighted by the crispness of the pages. The newspaper was a joy to read than the printed version because the pages are truly flat, the images crystal clear and the "paper" truly white compared to the grayish newsprint, mushy images and crumpled appearance of the actual printed newspaper.

I was tempted to subscribe for the paid edition of the newspaper however, I did not pursue it because the cost of each issue is prohibitive for us here in the Phillipines being more than twice the price of the paper printed issue. If 99 cents of a dollar per issue is no problem with you, I highly recommend this for your Android device. The sample magazines are stunning also with the clarity of the images and pages.

Download it here .

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