Saturday, July 23, 2011

How to stop your Galaxy Tab from Auto-rotating when reading sideways

Did you ever found it very irritating to read or use your Samsung Galaxy Tab while lying on your back or in an odd position? And if you ever experienced that, I'm very sure that you were also like me tried looking for a setting or a hardware button in the device that could disable the accelerometer from rotating when you don't want it to. I don't know what the designers of the Galaxy Tab were thinking when they decided to let the auto-rotate feature ruin the enjoyment and concentration of many people who purchased the device for ebook reading and looking at pictures in a portrait mode. This disappointment should be fixed by Samsung.

Anyway, before I wander far from the main purpose of this post, I want you Galaxy fans to rejoice because there are some free apps in the Android Market which solves the annoying problem. From among the bunch of them, I found the app named Auto Rotate Switch very handy and useful because it is not a widget which would consume memory in the device when operated. It is just a shortcut switch which enables you to turn on or off the accelerometer. Usage is very simple and straight forward. Tap it once to deactivate the auto-rotation and then tap it again to re-activate the auto-rotate function. Download it now and enjoy reading that ebook in bed.

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