Thursday, July 14, 2011

Android App Review: Koi Live Wallpaper

Here's a very interesting and entertaining Android app I downloaded from the Android Market; Koi Live Wallpaper. I installed it into my Samsung Galaxy Tab and the app ran pretty cool and highly entertaining. The screen of my Galaxy tab was transformed into a realistic lily pond with kois' swimming smoothly. The animation is flawless. When you touch the screen the water ripples and the kois' rush towards your fingertip to feed on the food that is created upon touching the water (screen).

The added effect of a butterfly and dragonfly hovering and passing above the pond is fantastic. One thing very nice about this Android app is the ability to feed the fish and they grow. If you neglect them they will vanish. Caring and feeding the virtual pets is highly engrossing and reminded me of the Japanese "Tamagochi" toy during the 80's where we fed and cared for virtual pets in little gadgets. It was such a craze that time and this app could be reminiscent of that.

This is highly recommended and you can download it from here

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