Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Globe Prepaid APN for SamsungGalaxy Tab P-1000

When I bought my Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 from a store in the mall, I really did not expect that I could stumble in a minor difficulty with browsing the Internet in the Galaxy Tab using a prepaid sim. I did not realize it on the first few days of using my Galaxy Tab because I was always connected to the internet using Wi-fi. At home, in the office, malls and places frequented by people, free Wi-fi is there. Besides testing the sim for voice calls and test messaging, I never though of testing the 3G prepaid sim's internet in the samsung galaxy tab.

Until one day, when I was working out and away from the office did I felt the need to connect to the internet through my mobile provider's 3g connection because I needed to throw an urgent email to my Boss. I thought that I will just hit the browser icon and the device will automatically connect thru the 3G in the absence of Wi-fi but it did not happen. I kept on getting "No Network Connection Error". I was so sure that it was not the sim that's causing the error because it has enough prepaid balance and prior to transferring it to the Galaxy Tab, it was connecting seamlessly to the internet in the former smartphone where it was previously installed.

Upon verifying the APN settings under Mobile networks, I discovered that the default APN of my unit was "" which upon checking was the APN for Postpaid service of Globe Telecom here in the Philippines. I looked up the APN for prepaid which is "" and the Samsung Galaxy Tab connected to the internet like a charm.


  1. thank you very much! This works! Been looking for the right settings and this actually works. thank you!!!

  2. You're welcome. It's my pleasure :)

  3. Does the Name of the APN have any significance or whatsoever? And also, do I have to e Networyou:)k operators? Thank