Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Android on iPaq Pocket PC?

I have an HP Ipaq Pocket PC that I have acquired way back in 2005. It's an hx4700 series model and its specs was the top of the line during its time. Its processor is 624 mHz coupled with 64 MB of RAM. True VGA resolution display and expansion slots for SD and CF cards and buit-in wifi to boot. Its been sitting inside my closet gathering dust for quite some time and when I sold my iphone and found myself suddenly craving for a smartphone or PDA, I remembered the ipaq and began using it again albeit on a very limited functionality due to the old browser and outdated operating system which is the windows mobile 2003. email was crappy and websites display garbled on the browser.

With the aforementioned shortcomings of the pocket pc software, I did some research on the internet and tried to see if Android can be ran on it. I did saw some posts on forums that a pocket PC can be installed with Android. Some even has step by step guide to installing and configuring Android. I was so excited however it was eventually replaced by disappointment because I found out that the successful implementations of Android on Pocket PCs were limited to windows mobile units of HTC's and none for the ipaq. Disregarding the fact, I still proceeded to downloading android and attempted to install it on the ipaq. As expected, it did not work but thankfully the pocket pc were not bricked because the Android OS was supposed to be ran thru the SD card which did not affect the gizmo when the attempt failed.

As I was getting ready to put back the ipaq into the closet for storing for good, I came across some posts related to the ipaq and I discovered a "cooked up" windows mobile 6.5 ROM posted by a very generous programmer. I tried it out and I was very lucky to have installed the new ROM for the ipaq successfully. Now my former crappy pocket pc is doing multi-tasking, runs facebook, nultiple email accounts, ebooks and nice microsoft office documents. The biggest surprise that I've had for the new OS is the renewed ability of the device to play HD movies, I synched 1080p and 720p movies on the device and all of it played so smoothly without stuttering and buffering unlike the old OS.

With the renewed capabilities of my old pocket pc I now have something to tinker with prior to the arrival of the android gingerbread powered 10" Samsung Galaxy tab here in our Philippine shores. As soon as I get one of it, it'll be my very first major review on this Android blog. Pardon me for sharing a story about a windows mobile pocket pc as my first post on an android-centric blog.


  1. ang cool nman.. i never seen this one before.. someday mamahal din yan.. vintage ba, nice :D

  2. Korek ka dyan. It will be vintage later on. By 2015 10 years old na sya and still in pristine and perfect running condition :). Thanks for reading my post.