Sunday, October 2, 2011

Free Samsung Galaxy Y from Smart Philippines

I ran across a full page ad in a major newspaper from Smart Philippines and I was delighted with what I saw. Smart is offering would-be Android users easy way to have one easily at a low cost or for free. For data lite plan 500, you can have the Samsung Galaxy Y for free. Smart is offering this new Galaxy phone from Samsung through it's Netphone brand which they have launched just a few months back. This is the second Android device that Smart's netphone series is offering in addition to the original (unbranded) Netphone which I have also featured in an earlier post. The cost of this new offering is twice as low than the originally launched Netphone making it very attractive for first time Android users. Being low cost at only Php5,990.00 (US$ 137.00) we cannot expect it to have any feature like high megapixel camera or gorilla glass display. It's camera is only 2MP, lower than the Samsung Galaxy Mini's camera. On the processor side however, its 832 Mhz CPU trumps the Mini's 600 Mhz. Other than the processor and Android Gingerbread version of its OS, the Galaxy mini is still superior. Having said that, I'm still ordering one due mainly to the price point which for me is affordable and being a Samsung fan, I will add it to my growing collection of Samsung gadgets.
You can pre-order this from Smart Philippines' website. Note: The author is not affiliated with Smart or any other mobile telecom company. He is just happy to share with Android fans and enthusiasts anything he finds anywhere that is related to Android stuff.


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  2. Indeed globe telecom has their own version of Smart's netphone. Their Android phone offering however is vastly inferior than Smart's which is the Samsung Galaxy Y while for globe it is the Huawei U8500. Be it prepaid or postpaid, Smart's Android phone is way better.