Friday, September 30, 2011

An Android Called Kindle Fire from Amazon

News has that Amazon has unveiled a new Android-powered device called Kindle Fire. While most tablet makers would flaunt to the world the "Androidness" of their devices, amazon tries to set aside as much as possible the Android factor of their new tablet. In fact when I first heard of the said tablet I didn't thought that it is Android inside. Only when I did further reading about the innards of the said tablet did I became aware that it's OS is Android. Another obvious sign of this unlikely peculiarity from Amazon is the device's lack of access to Google's Android Market. Obviously, what Amazon is trying to do is to push their wads of content to consumers using the Android platform and its rising ecosytem of users.

Looking at the picture, the device resembles the Blackberry Playbook which shows lack of visible hardware buttons making it really veer away from the mainstream look of a typical Android tablet. The tablet has no camera, no microphone and no 3G support. It seems to me that it is really designed as an ebook reader like the kindle on steroids.

One thing to write home about this tablet is the the price of US$ 199.00.

Here's the specs:

Android OS version : 2.1(?)
CPU: 1 Ghz TI OPAM dual core Processor
Display: 7" IPS panel with Gorilla glass coating
Camera: 8 Megapixels with auto focus
Memory: , 512 MB RAM
Internal Storage:  8 GB
Data: WLAN 

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