Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Train Ur Brain Game

Just downloaded a free app from the Samsung Apps widget in my Galaxy Y and it's called TrainUrBrain. The game is very simple but very cool as it lets you improve your spatial remembrance abilities. The objective of the game is to remember the location of each bird randomly positioned on the screen. The birds are five in all and are of different color and shape. What you need to do is to drag the bird to its original location after it has been shown on screen for you to memorize.

Very simple as the the game may seem but its very challenging as the game progresses. The first several arrangements of the birds are very easy but as soon as you get the learning curve, if there is, you will find it hard to memorize and replace the birds to their original locations. This is where your spatial remembrance abilities gets trained and exercised.

The vivid picture of the birds is how I re-arranged the birds and the silhouette bird background is the original location. This lets you compare or see your accuracy. This shown only after you tap on the "Snapshot" button from the Score Menu.

The score shows how accurate you placed each bird.

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