Thursday, August 11, 2011

QR Codes and Google Goggles

Ever noticed graphic image like the one shown in the picture in web pages? Said image is actually a code which you can read by using your android cellphone camera. It is called a QR code or “Quick Response” code. It is used to direct you to specific web pages say, a download link to your favorite Android game or app. It saves you time from typing lengthy URL’s. To do it however requires an app which enables your device’s camera to read the code.

One such reader is the android app called Google Goggles. Whenever you encounter stuff of interest with QR code in your computer, just point your Android phone’s camera to the image and a search result will immediately pop out on your device’s screen. There are many sites that use QR codes for their download links so the utility is becoming quite useful.

Aside from reading QR codes, Google Goggles can scan other interesting stuff, even live ones! For example, I pointed my camera to my officemate and Google Goggles scanned the person. When I checked on the search results, my browser returned similar pictures of other people closely resembling the body shape and the color of the clothing of my office mate. Google’s website for Goggle Goggles says that the app can search texts, landmarks, books, contact info, artworks, wine and logos.

The app has much room for improvement and I can see that it can be useful for recognizing more objects in the future. Try it out by downloading it from the Android Market .

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