Monday, August 15, 2011

Android App Review: Evernote

Found an interesting app from the Productivity section of the Android App Market, this is called Evernote. Similar to the functionality of the traditional "memo" app natively built into the Android tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab but with more added features.

As a memo taker, evernote adds more functionality by letting you take photos, record some audio or attach some files and then sync to all the computer devices that we use. it can be windows, mac or other mobile devices. As an example, your notes on your Android tablet or smartphone can be accessible to your windows or mac computer wherever you are even at home or at work.

The search feature is one of my most favorite because evernote has the ability to let you search texts on pictures. Furthermore, when you are looking for any particular note that you made from the past, you can easily do it and the results are synchronized all over your own devices.

All these synchronizations of your files happens online without the need to physically attach your laptop or desktop computer with your Android tablet thru USB. Photos below shows evernote for windows and for Android.

The app and the service is free but if you want added feature like bigger disk space for your files, you can subscribe for a certain monthly fee.
You may download the evernote app for your Android by clicking here.

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