Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to hide your photos in Samsung Galaxy Tab

There are some instances when your Android gadget has to be tinkered and scrutinized by your friends and family members, out of curiosity, or when times when you are forced to compare your Android with other gizmos like the iPhones and Blackberries of your friends and acquaintances. Almost always, the first thing that other people do when handling and scrutinizing your tablet or smartphone is to look for the picture and video gallery. That is where things get embarrassing or awkward at times because you might have some pictures which you would rather keep private. Trying to avoid the other people from taking a peek at your picture files make the situation worse because it is becoming obvious that you are hiding something. Of course you can always avoid situations like these by not keeping private pictures into your Android Tablets or better by not letting anyone touch your gadget at all cost.

To add privacy to your personal stuff in your Android picture gallery, there is free app from the Android market that can do it. It is called Fotosafer lite. The app works by letting you encrypt your chosen photos and protect it with a password or PIN. The app allows you to encrypt and decrypt your pictures. When you encrypt your selected file, it goes to the vault and when you decrypt it, the file reverts to the original source folder. To ensure that your file will not be lost, it's better to keep another copy of your file somewhere or in another computer.

The free or lite version lets you encrypt a maximum of 20 pictures only. the paid version which costs Php42.09 or less than a dollar gives you unlimited number of files to encrypt. You can download the app here.

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