Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hide your Videos and Pictures using Pandora

I recently came across a free app from the Android Market which lets you secure your personal video and picture files with a password. It installed it and it worked great for my Samsung Galaxy Y. One thing very good about it is there is no limit on the number of pictures and videos that you want to keep in your private folder. I once used another app of the same functionality but since it is free, there was a limit on the number of files that you can keep. The unlimited one comes at a cost.

This one called Pandora is very helpful in securing your personal photos and videos and usage is very easy. Just set a password for it and as it displays the pictures and photo files inside your Galaxy Y, you just tap to classify each as public or private and your set. You can now avoid embarrassing situations when people accidentally opens picture and videos that you would normally keep for your eyes only.

Though I haven't experienced losing some photos and videos like what other users posted on the review in the Android Market.  I must warn you of this so please use the app with caution.


  1. That's a great! and your blog is absolutely like a guide for galaxy, especially Y ;) ... I really loving it. Then one question is it possible to hide mp3 as well. If not pls let me know some software to hide mp3 file too. Thanks for your great thoughts.

  2. Thanks for the complement Pradeep. As of the moment I am not aware of any android app that lets you hide mp3 files. I'll let you know as soon as I get one :)